“Dahab – South Sinai – Red Sea” must be on your travel list!

Dahab is a  small town situated on the coast of the Red Sea. Its name in Arabic ,’Gold’. It lies in South Sinai, on the Gulf of Aqaba with its great underwater life, water temperature, and magical local vibe. In case you don’t have it already, here are 10 reasons why Dahab should be on your must-visit list

What do you know about the straits of Tiran ?

I still remember my young days in Sharm El Sheikh when we used to accompany tourists by Zodiacs & Speed boats to the shores of Tiran Island, where we enjoyed snorkeling, bird watching, meditating, soft sandy beaches, water skiing, etc. and this was the best trip I ever guided at that time for the beauty of the location.

Ras Mohamed Natural Reserve!

Ras Mohamed Natural Reserve. It is located at the southernmost tip of South Sinai, overlooking the Red Sea. Its location as the meeting point between the Gulfs of Aqaba in the East and Suez in the West.

together with its unique topography, encourages a remarkable variety of land and marine life. Ras Mohammed took its name from its shape. “Ras” in Arabic means “head”.

כל מה שאתה צריך לדעת על צלילה בסיני

  צלילה בסיני נמצאת בראש רשימת צוללנים רבים, לא רק בגלל שסיני הוא חצי אי יפהפה בים סוף, אלא גם בשל מגוון אתרי צלילה, ראות מדהימה, חיים ימיים פעילים, אלמוגים בוהקים …