Giza pyramids & Cairo museum

1 Day
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Giza Pyramids are the icon of Egypt & the most fascinating long lasting art, it is even claimed that they were built by Aliens due to their perfect geometry & presence. Hence, we are happy that you are choosing to get it done in a full day to get a chance to focus on the small details with in the Pyramids of Giza area & the Cairo museum that contains monuments from over 5000 years old.

Tour the pyramids & the Cairo Museum

  • Giza Pyramids
  • Sphinx
  • Cairo Museum
  • Lunch in Giza Area


👉 8:30 Pick up from Hotel & back
👉 Visit the Giza Pyramids
👉 Visit the sphinx
👉 Tour the valley temple
👉 Lunch in the area around the Pyramids
👉 Visit the Cairo museum

Program includes

  • - Transportation
  • - Friendly & knowledgeable guide.
  • - Entrance & permissions fees
  • - Complementary local Egyptian coffee in between activities
  • - Dinner meal (vegan options are available)

Program does not include

  • - Tombs entrance
  • - Horse, Camel or carriage riding
  • - Soft or hard drinks during our rest
  • - Camera Tickets (only if you want to accompany your professional camera)
Is it safe to Tour in Cairo & Giza?

Travel Cairo has been so many travelers dream, but lately the safety started to concern many people, and the reason behind that is anonymous for us at The Gate Travel Network.

Egypt is known to be one of the safest countries it is even nominated at no. 8 in the safest countries around the world by the CNN.com/Travel.

People are very helpful, might be different in their look and attitude, however we fix that by assigning local guides who speaks perfect English and well traveled themselves, so you can feel safe and related.

P,S; Egypt is Safe

DO I have to visit the mummies section within the touring the Pyramids or the museums?

The mummies section & tombs are usually optional within our tours, not all travelers would like to check it out, also let us be honest there isn’t enough sufficient information about what to expect. So travelers tend to be cautious and not lose their money over what they don’t expect.

But from our point of view; it is highly recommended to visit the tombs & the mummy areas, the amount of fascination over there is over whelming. will make you go back in time and imagine how it was operational and your mind will freeze.

What shall I prepare to enjoy my Cairo tours?

Cairo tours or the pyramids expeditions beside any travel in Egypt or abroad, would be better done when prepared for. so Lets say based on Cairo you will need to have:
– Passport: as some times you need to show it at the gates of attractions.
– Student card: only if you are a student, as the Egyptian government offers a student discounts.
– Hat/Sunscreen: only during the summer as it can get hot during the day, specially on may till September.
– Sporty light shoes: Walking freely with no pain is a requirement to enjoy the experience.
– Non Flash Camera: if you are not a professional photographer or photo shooting with big cameras as a hoppy, then only bring only a small camera with no flash to avoid being charged for a professional camera.

What to dress during my Cairo tours?

Cairo is the Capital of Egypt, which is a Muslim & Arab country with in the middle east. so people are tend to be feel more comfortable with the decent / modest dressing codes. so please avoid being so revealing, you can absolutely wear a sleeveless top, colorful, what ever you like. as long as it isn’t so revealing or intimidating.

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Giza pyramids & Cairo museum
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