Camping on Mt. Catherine “Roof of Egypt”

1 Day


Mt. CATHERINE is called the roof of Egypt as it is the highest summit in the whole country with altitude 2,629 meters above sea level, and climbing it wouldn’t be for weak minds, however, it is a life changing experience.

Things you need to bring:

  • Passport
  • Hiking boots or sporty shoes
  • Strong back-pack
  • Warm cloth
  • 2 bottles of water (1.5 Liter)
  • Sleeping bag (if available)
  • Personal snacks


Day 1 :

- Visit Wadi EL Arb`en where the Israelis waited 40 nights for Moses during the receiving of the 10 commandments.
- Climbing the rooftop of Egypt “Mt. Catherine” with Alt. 2,629 meters above sea level.
- Camping & BBQ on the summit of Mt Catherine while enjoying (Sunset & Sunrise views)
- Descending from Wadi Ahmar with its pure form of nature, Water fountains, Caves & Red Rocks.
- Get back to the town by penetrating cracks & going through caverns in the mountains.


Program includes

  • - Transfer
  • - All meals and snacks during the experience
  • - Bedouin BBQ on the summit
  • - Bedouin front guide
  • - 1 Camel for each 4 persons to help with the luggage
  • - 1st aid trained / English speaking back guide
  • - Blankets and mattresses for the camping on the summit

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Camping on Mt. Catherine “Roof of Egypt”