Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty

2 Days


Underwater Photography is indeed an interesting art & documented memory that remains with us, we can always share our special moments underwater with our photos , as an underwater photographer we need to master our buoyancy control in the water for our safety & to preserve the delicate marine life , during the course you will learn about cameras and housings, underwater photography techniques and making the most out of your pictures on a computer. This Specialty is also open to snorkelers.

Course price includes

  • - Instructor fees
  • - Diving equipment
  • - Certificate
  • - Transportation
  • - Boat facility and beach entry fee

Course price doesn't include

  • - Manual
  • - Camera

Course consists of

  • Classroom sessions to gain Knowledge about the cameras and housings.
  • 1 dive to practice buoyancy while holding the camera as well as safety for the camera and marine life
  • 3 dives where we capture 20 photos in different conditions
  • surface sessions to use the editing software

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Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty