Mt. Sinai and the surroundings ‘Real Hike’

2 Days


Hiking Mt Sinai (AKA; Mt Moses) is one of highest demand tours in Sinai, Moses has spoken to God there and also got the 10 commandments, surrounded by beautiful gardens, waterfalls, wildlife, and untouched nature but that is only through the backsides, however; only very few people take the back routes

Our hike is a 2-day hike that shows you signs of history from a noncommercial point of view as we take the back routes and most un-visited trails through stunning and unique nature.

Things you need to bring:

  • Passport
  • Hiking boots or sporty shoes
  • Strong back-pack
  • Warm cloth
  • 2 bottles of water (1.5 Liter)
  • Sleeping bag (if available)
  • Personal snacks
  • Night light (Available to rent for 7 USD)


Day 1 :

- Climbing the summit of Jebel Sinai from the backside of Wadi Shreij and Jebel el Sefsafa for a sunset experience.
- Spending the night in Sheikh Ramadan`s hospitality in Wadi El Arb`en mountain guest house.
- Free climbing Jebel Ahmar Then passes within the Wadi Ahmar`s beautiful rocky formations & pure nature.
- Get back to the town by penetrating cracks & going through caverns in the mountains.

Trail: St. Catherine town – Wadi Sefsafa – Jebel Sefsafa – Farsh El Luz – Farsh Ilya – Summit of Jebel Sinai – Wadi EL Arb`en – Jebel Ahmar – Wadi Ahmar – Wadi EL shag – Wadi EL Tal`a – St. Catherine town


Program includes

  • - Transfer
  • - All meals and snacks during the experience
  • - Bedouin BBQ on the summit
  • - Bedouin front guide
  • - Camels to help with the luggage
  • - 1st aid trained / English speaking back guide
  • - Blankets and mattresses for the camping in Wadi El Arb`en gardens

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Mt. Sinai and the surroundings ‘Real Hike’