Nuweiba Canyoning

1 Day


Nuweiba canyoning is an overnight experience that aiming to give you the ultimate canyoning rush where you get to discover 4 different canyons in the area of Nuweiba apart from the adrenaline rush from the 4×4 ride as well as the Bedouin hospitality in one of the families organic gardens.


Day 1 :

Starts 8:30 Am and back on 2nd day 5:00 PM
- 4×4 pickup to take you through unpaved roads of Nuweiba mountains.
- Trekking to Penetrating Canyon Magaza till you reach Wadi Hudra (Avg walking 3 hrs)
- Camping the night in Wadra Hudra Oases.
- Penetrating the closed & white canyons.
- 4×4 ride to Wadi El Weshwash where you can cliff jump in a natural pool.
- 4×4 ride to our camp on the Nuweiba beach “Droub camp”
- Back to your pick-up location.

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Nuweiba Canyoning