Can non swimmers do SCUBA diving?

Non swimmers asking SCUBA diving is very common, and we have worked with plenty of those who never got close enough to the ocean, and we have shared with them the fact that “You wont be able to do what you lacking knowledge about” , the surprise was so many non swimmers figured out that they can, however they just didn’t give themselves the chance to get close enough.

Non swimmers can`t SCUBA dive in our opinion that comes from years of teaching, however lets analyze the situation:

Learning SCUBA diving is an action comes with the sport where you are submerged in the water, hence you need an understanding of the dynamic of the liquid sphere, which is the sea, ocean, river, lake, etc…

So from our experience we have figured out that all of us knows how to swim, but some of us don’t know that they know. and easily you can work on your breathing along side your body static with some physical knowledge about the water.

Please feel free to contact us for personal help with that, The gate Travel Network is here to assist you finding your water passion.



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