How does SCUBA Diving work?

SCUBA diving is the act where you use air tanks to spend from 30 to 60 minutes underwater being connected to your self, the nature around you, the marine life, and the feeling of  your weightlessness and awareness of your deep and slow breathing.

generally SCUBA diving consists of 2 sections,

1- SCUBA diving courses & Education: Can be beginner level like “OPEN WATER COURSE” – “ADVANCED OPEN WATER COURSE” – or more advanced like (RESCUE DIVER COURSE) – “DIVE MASTER” etc.

For more info please read our article on The Gate Travel Network Blog; PADI course sequence from zero to hero

2- FUN diving for certified divers (Shore Dives – Boat Dives – Diving holidays ): After you are certified then it is time for fun, where you will explore different oceans, learn more practical techniques, meet more friends and most of your vacations or holidays will start to include diving. for an example on 2 different diving destinations please check Egypt as a destination on The Gate Travel Network and check sub locations such as Sharm EL Sheikh – Dahab & marsa Allam https://www.tgtn.club/egypt/

BY Understanding the 2 main sections of SCUBA Diving then you can always plan what you need to start your life long adventure.

We are always here to help you with organizing your travel plan and give you a hint of the activities that would work the best for your holiday.

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