Khan EL Khalily evening tour (Culture – History & Shopping)

1 Day


Khan EL Khalily & EL Azhar area is considered as a time capsule to a religious and cultural Egyptian eras, you can feel the mix of Sunna, Shae`a & Jewish art in the architecture, and with every step you take another story can be narrated.

The historical coffee shops, wonderful Egyptian food,  oriental musicians & Sufi traditions existence can give you a different vibes.

Shopping & Dinning in the area is so recommended so it will be guided by one of our guides who can also help you out with your shopping by recommending the right shops & the advise with the right value of souvenirs

Evening tours

  • Shopping tour
  • Oriental Music
  • Sufi culture
  • Vibrant historical tour


👉 Pick up from your hotel
👉 Tour in the area
👉 Visit the shopping area
👉 Enjoy Egyptian food
👉 Chill on a café shop with oriental music


Program includes

  • - Transportation
  • - Friendly & knowledgeable guide.
  • - Entrance & permissions fees

Program does not include

  • - Personal expenses (Food & Beverage)
  • - Soft or hard drinks during our meal
  • - Camera Tickets (only if you want to accompany your professional camera)
Is it safe to Tour in Cairo & Giza?

Travel Cairo has been so many travelers dream, but lately the safety started to concern many people, and the reason behind that is anonymous for us at The Gate Travel Network.

Egypt is known to be one of the safest countries it is even nominated at no. 8 in the safest countries around the world by the CNN.com/Travel.

People are very helpful, might be different in their look and attitude, however we fix that by assigning local guides who speaks perfect English and well traveled themselves, so you can feel safe and related.

P,S; Egypt is Safe

what Shall I prepare to enjoy my Cairo tours?

Cairo tours or the pyramids expeditions beside any travel in Egypt or abroad, would be better done when prepared for. so Lets say based on Cairo you will need to have:
– Passport: as some times you need to show it at the gates of attractions.
– Student card: only if you are a student, as the Egyptian government offers a student discounts.
– Hat/Sunscreen: only during the summer as it can get hot during the day, specially on may till September.
– Sporty light shoes: Walking freely with no pain is a requirement to enjoy the experience.
– Non Flash Camera: if you are not a professional photographer or photo shooting with big cameras as a hoppy, then only bring only a small camera with no flash to avoid being charged for a professional camera.

What to bring?

👉 Your Happy vibes

👉 Shopping budget

👉 Friends

👉 Camera for sure

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Khan EL Khalily evening tour (Culture – History & Shopping)
From $50.00
/ Adult
From $30.00
/ 2 to 4 travelers
From $20.00
/ 5 to 8 travelers