8 reasons why Dahab is the best place to learn SCUBA diving in 2022

SCUBA diving is growing and becoming a popular sport among people of different ages as the number of certified divers is increasing which makes us excited about tomorrow`s reef conservation because a diver is considered a messenger of the underwater world.

When you decide to start your SCUBA education, you will have to put in consideration a few aspects for the ideal place that fits your level of comfort, feeds your curiosity, safe, good sea conditions, interesting topography and socially welcoming.

In our opinion Dahab is the ideal place in the Middle East for what it has to offer, like:

  • 1. Accessibility

In the middle of South Sinai and just a few hours drive from many borders which makes it easy to reach from Eilat in Israel, Aqaba in Jordan, Cairo in Egypt and Sharm El Sheikh international airport.

  • 2. Great sea conditions Dahab lies on the Gulf of Aqaba with its beautiful calm waters, 30 meters + underwater visibility, soft currents and stunning healthy coral reefs along the shoreline with soft entrances for the SCUBA courses in town.
  • 3. Healthy reef conditions Dahab is a very small community that works together to protect the reefs and nature as well as raising awareness of how to keep it protected by applying many clean-up projects, share natural conservation tips and information through their social media channels and more.
  • 4. Knowledgeable instructors Instructors in Dahab are well educated in regards to SCUBA diving since it is a small community where experienced instructors support the new ones.
  • 5.  Budget-friendly Compared with many diving destinations Dahab is considered one of the cheapest, based on the low currency exchange rates between the USD and the Egyptian pound. Hence the average price for the PADI open water course is $300 to $400 USD.
  • 6. Best water density to master your buoyancy The Gulf of Aqaba is famous for its high percentage of salt among the seas which makes it so dense. Hence mastering buoyancy requires work by adjusting your weight system and controlling the breathing pattern that gives you a confident experience to easily adjust your buoyancy control in water with lesser density.
  • 7. Great weather throughout the year When the water temperature drops to a minimum of 22° C and the sun always shines during the day, it makes Dahab the ultimate SCUBA destination for any time of the year.
  • 8. Simple, yet social lifestyle Dahab`s lifestyle is so calming, chilled and welcoming which is what draws many travelers and interesting people to it.

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