10 reasons why “Dahab – South Sinai” should be on your must travel list!

Dahab is a  small town situated on the coast of the Red Sea. Its name in Arabic ,’Gold’. It lies in South Sinai, on the Gulf of Aqaba with its great underwater life, water temperature, and magical local vibe. In case you don’t have it already, here are 10 reasons why Dahab should be on your must-visit list:

1. The center of the Middle East

The Middle East is a very interesting spot that travelers are increasingly visiting for what it offers, from authentic culture and unique vibe to the food and music. Sinai sits in the center between Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. It is the gateway to the regional cultures, religions, and energies of the area. And is easily reachable from many directions and ways whether from Israel, Jordan or Egypt.

Dahab itself is the center of South Sinai where it links between Nuweiba, St. Catherine, and Sharm El-sheikh.

2. Weather

The weather is perfect throughout 10 months of the year. It only reaches extremes in August when it becomes very hot and January brings in a lot of wind so you can always come to chill, dive, hike, socialize, rest and more year-round.

3. Cost of living and activities in the town

Dahab is considered one of the more affordable places to travel too. Of course, it depends on your budget but you can comfortably stay in a good place, eat healthily,  discover nature and learn diving on a friendly budget.

4. Good resting point

Traveling isn’t always easy. It can be very exhausting always be on the go, witnessing a lot of changes and experiencing a lot of emotions. A place that feels like home is always needed every now and then where you can stop, take a breath, and re-activate your mind and body. You need a place like Dahab where the air is fresh, people are friendly and views are calming to the soul.

5. Couch surfing friendly

Dahab is home to 295 hosts on www.couchsurfing.com, ‘an online application where travelers can stay at localhost houses and crash on the couch’. Most of the hosts live very close to the beach and are very friendly and open.

6. Active downtown

El Mashaya is the promenade where it all happens, where all the visitors’ hangout to snorkel, swim, dive, have a beer on the beach with interesting conversation or maybe without any. There is always a positive space.

7. Variety of outdoor activities and sports

There are many interesting recreational mountain and water sports/activities in the area like; SCUBA diving, free-diving, snorkeling, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, camping, wind and kite surfing, kayaking and cycling.

8. The right place to learn SCUBA Diving

The Gulf of Aqaba is home to an international and local community that protects and reserves the reef making Dahab the ideal place to learn SCUBA diving starting from the calm bays with easy access to the sea which is perfect for training among a stunning variety of coral reefs, internationally qualified instructors, cheap prices compared to many other places in the area and access to The Blue Hole, an underwater wonder of the world.

9. Surrounded by natural protected areas

The area of Dahab is a protected area as is Ras Abu Galloum where you can experience trekking and camping on the beach in Bedouin camps that are still operating in the old school ways of hospitality and calming energy.

10. Availability of transportation

Dahab lies in the middle of Sinai with three different local transportation agents where you can book your:

  • Bus to Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm El-Sheikh, Nuweiba and Taba
  • Two ferries; one from Sharm El-Sheikh to Hurghada and one from Nuweiba to Aqaba in Jordan.
  • An international airport in Sharm El Sheikh.
  • Highway to Eilat in Israel.

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