Ras Mohamed Natural Reserve!

Ras Mohamed Natural reserve is located at the southernmost tip of South Sinai, overlooking the Red Sea. Its location as the meeting point between the Gulfs of Aqaba in the East and Suez in the West together with its unique topography, encourages a remarkable variety of land and marine life.

Ras Mohammed took its name from its shape. “Ras” in Arabic means “head”. shows how the peninsula resembles the head of a bearded man, shaped by the mountains and water of the hidden bay.

Coincidentally, any stick-out land that crosses the water to form two bays on the sides, like is the case here, is usually referred to as Ras It was not until 1982, when Egypt took back control of over Sinai from Israel, that Ras Mohammed was declared a natural reserve.

This involved a ban on any urban development in the area, which remains the home of over 400 species of marine fauna and migratory birds. In addition, the mangrove channel, sea water-filled land cracks, salty lakes, and other landscape wonders make Ras Mohammed a top destination for many diving and environmental organizations We have always delighted in guiding our international customers through the reserve via sea or land safaris, with camping overnight stays in most cases.

We have never ceased to be amazed by our findings in each of our visits: over four different shark species, eagle rays, mantas, schools of barracudas, jackfish, caverns and canyons, bright reefs, majestic walls of soft and hard coral, and much more!

Certified and experienced divers will have the opportunity to dive in sites with strong currents, deep walls, and swells, as well as to encounter big marine animals while enjoying pleasant drifting conditions from boat or shore. These sites include Shark & Yolanda reefs – Shark observatory – Jackfish Alley – Ras Zaatar – Ras Ghozlani, among others.

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