Wreck diver specialty

2 Days


Wreck diving is addicting activity, some people would lose their mind in front of a sank beauty, So this specialty course would allow you to safely map, discover, plan and penetrate known or unknown  sank wrecks.

Wrecks to discover:

  • Thistlegorm: A war craft sank during the WWII and it still keeps all the tanks, motorcycles, vehicles, helmets and rail way trails, located outside of Sharm El sheik.
  • Million Hopes: A Cargo ship sank in 2002, abandoned and it is home for many species, not mapped and not commercial, barely any one is diving there even though its full of treasures if you are into wrecks, Located in Nabq bay, North of Sharm El Sheikh.

Course price includes

  • Instructor fees
  • Materials
  • Certificate
  • SCUBA Equipment
  • Transferee
  • Zodiac or boat fees

Course consists of

  • Class room sessions to learn how to use the equipment needed
  • 1 preparation dive to learn different kicking styles and to enhance your buoyancy control
  • 4 dives on the same wreck
  • Zodiac or boat excursion to reach the wrecks
  • Final IMSQ exam to assess class room knowledge

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Wreck diver specialty