How to renew your Egyptian tourist visa in Sharm visa office?

  • This information only apply to Sharm visa office if you renew from other office around Egypt please find out if it’s same rules before going to the office as sometimes it’s little different from office to another.

15 days only Sinai visa is free on arrival but it will be costly if you want to change it to 1 month visa so please make sure you have it only when you are sure that you won’t extend it.

How long visa renewal takes?
Renewing the visa will take up to 1 hour (depends on how busy at the visa office) then you will go after 14 days to collect the
Foreign residence card.

How long Egypt tourist visa renewal?
The period of renewal for your Egypt tourist visa is 6 month (twice a year).

Social distancing.
There’s outdoor waiting area, and seating inside is limited.

Sharm visa office open every day except Fridays and public holidays and opening hours:
08.00 am – 14.00 pm

Cost of the visa renewal: Around 1750 EGP

🚩You can’t renew it online.
🚩Multi entry and re-entry visa not available at the moment.
🚩No one else can apply or pick it up for you.
🚩You don’t need to speak Arabic.
🚩No food or drinks available at the office.

    The fine for overstaying the visa in Egypt is 1650 EGP for first 3 months then 550 EGP for every 3 months.

Now you get Foreign residence card instead of the tourist visa extention ink stamp on the passport.

Go in the morning, during the week (Saturday/Thursday) plan to arrive at 08:00 am.

If you have more than one passport, use the one with the visa stamp you got from the airport (Passport must be valid at least 8 months).

What to Take to renew your Tourist visa?

2 Copy of the details page.
2 Copy of last visa stamp page.
2 Copy of your e-Visa If applicable.
1750 EGP cash per person.
Face mask.
Pen to fill the application.
Water and snacks.

Do not take

Camera — you’d have to leave it at security.

Any valuables you’re worried you’ll have to leave at security. (Phone, wallet and passport are OK)

When you fill the application please follow this.

you need to have an address for the application, no need for lease contract.
Address Examples:
Mashraba – Dahab – South Sinai
Assala – Dahab – South Sinai
Light house – Dahab – South Sinai

Phone number:
Put your Egyptian phone number if you have one.

Put down Moslem, Christian or Jaw.
Other than those leave it blank.

You’ll get a receipt and they will tell you to go to the bank and pay (Bank within the visa office)

Take your receipt back to the same window. They’ll take your photo and your fingerprints.

You’ll get your Passport back and a receipt, Then they will tell you to come back after 2 weeks to collect the resident card.

On the the collection day, take the Passport and receipt then go to the collection window at the same visa office.

Round trip takes average of 4-5 hours (depends on how busy)

Carpooling will cost 300 EGP per person (minimum 3 passengers)

For any questions, enquiries information and booking please contact

+20 1024815128
+20 1024815128
Dido Abdalla Wael

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